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                      OF VIRGIL FINLAY

In November of 2014, my American Fantasy Press released THE COLLECTORS' BOOK OF VIRGIL FINLAY edited by Robert Weinberg, Doug Ellis and myself. You can buy a copy of this stunning art book at


In 2013, World of Edgar Rice Burroughs was released from Baen Books, edited by Garcia and Mike Resnick. It features all-new stories set in the varius worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, by the authors: Joe R. Lansdale, Peter David, Mercedes Lackey, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, F. Paul Wilson, Todd McCaffrey, Ralph Roberts, and Richard Lupoff, plus the writing teams of Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah Hoyt; and Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens. It also contains Mike Resnick's "The Forgotten Seas of Mars" only published in ERB-Dom, many years ago, and the original issue has become a much sought-after ERB collectible. It was released in mass market paperback in 2015. Order it from Amazon here:


“—possibly the most important art book of the year.” — LOCUS

gives fans of this premier pulp illustrator a privileged view into the collections of Finlay aficianados Robert Weinberg, Douglas Ellis, Glynn Crain and Robert K. Weiner. Robert and Nancy Garcia’s [private press] produced this book with loving care thanks to a successful crowdfunding effort. The collection was released at the World Fantasy Convention on the 100th anniversary of Finlay’s birth.

The 160 black and white illustrations here and 48 color pieces may provide the finest versions of Finlay’s fantasy, science fiction, and horror illustrations ever seen; they have been digitally cleaned and most are printed at their actual size,one per page.

Commentary is provided by Finlay experts Weinberg and Ellis, as well as capsule bios of the collectors, a brief bio of Finlay’s daughter Lail, and notes on the book by publisher Garcia. Bibliographies preface both the black and white illustrations and the color pieces.

Arguably the finest art book of the year, [TCBOVF] is probably difficult to find but worth seeking out for any one who enjoys Finlay’s exceptional work.” — Karen Haber, LOCUS


"The book is glorious from the start in not only having a thick cover but heavy paper pages and positively felt like I was holding a tome.,,, If you have a love of early SF art and especially Virgil Finlay then this book deserves a place in your collection and away from the coffee table where your friends might want to ‘borrow’ it. When you show them your copy, keep a firm grip on it. You won’t want to lose it."
—GF Willmetts,


"Picking my favorite stories of the volume is really an exercise in choosing my favorite type of chocolate as I found all of the stories highly entertaining and enjoyable. … I felt all of the authors definitely captured his style of writing while putting some of their own unique spins on it but, being familiar with a good share of his work, it is somewhat difficult for me to say which stories would require less foreknowledge of the original material for a new reader to truly appreciate them. … It is my sincere hope that this volume is successful enough to be the first of many such anthologies."
Nick Sauer: SFRevu

"These authors, one and all, have definitely captured the ERB magic. Anyone with fond memories of the Burroughs oeuvre will surely enjoy this book. Anyone who’s wondered what the fuss is all about should give it a try. And for anyone who’s unsuccessfully tried to read Burroughs (it helps to be 11 years old), The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs offers a perfectly accessible entry point."
Analog Science Fiction and Fact

"All the authors are clearly familiar with the Burroughs canon, and deliver good yarns in the vein of the original. ... A fun idea, well executed by all involved."
Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

4 stars (out of 5)  "a fun tribute…"
Another Universe

"an enormous treat… In fact, just about the only thing this volume is lacking ,,, is a big Roman numeral “I” on the cover, as a clear signal that more such volumes are on the way. I’m imagining it there anyway, and I’m hoping for the best."
Open Letters Monthly (Steve Reads column)

"More fun than I've had [reading] an anthology in a long time."

"Thanks to Baen and all the fantastic writers who made me feel like a teenager again as I was able to revisit with a bunch of old friends."

Robert Garcia has worked in publishing since the 1980s. He learned typesetting from JDA Typesetting and how to write and design at Cinefantastique magazine. He was hired as a graphic designer at Mayfair Games and eventually became their Director of Advertising & Promotions. From there he went to First Comics where he soon became Senior Editor (mostly because his boss quit). At First he brought in some terrific editors & artists and created a few of their best-selling comics. (See the list of edited titles HERE.) After he left the comics company, he created Garcia Publishing Services which he and his wife Nancy operate today.

He is the co-author of BATMAN: A CELEBRATION OF THE CLASSIC TV SERIES (with Joe Desris) due out in July of 2016. He also wrote two cover stories of double-issues at Cinefantastique: The Batman TV shows issue (with Joe Desris) and the Babylon 5 issue (with Frank Garcia). Both have become known as primary reference works on the subjects. He is writing a comprehensive history of fantasy films. The first volume—on silent films—is due to be published November of 2015.

He is the founder of American Fantasy Press. Nancy and he won the World Fantasy Press Award way back in 1983 for American Fantasy™ magazine. And in 2000, the press published the acclaimed award-winning novella The Man on the Ceiling by Steve Rasnic & Melanie Tem. TMOTC went on to also win the IHG and the Stoker. The only story ever to do so. In 2012 the press published Mike Resnick's Stalking the Zombie. In 2014 it published The Collectors’ Book of Virgil Finlay. Order from American Fantasy Press at

As a graphic designer, Bob has designed way over 100 publications from fine illustrated editions to magazines to chapbooks and broadsides. You can see a credit list at


Garcia packagedthe first US edition of Creature From The Black Lagoon by Vargo Statten for DreamHaven Books: researching and setting up the licensing from Universal. The novel had been published in the UK in 1954 upon the release of the film, and quickly fell out of print. 50 years later it had become one of the most sought-after collectibles associated with the movie. Copies sold for $1500 up to $6000. With the cooperation of the John Russell Fearn estate (Vargo Statten was a pseudonym of Fearn) and the work of the Licensing division at Universal, Garcia was able to set up the deal for DreamHaven to publish a new edition..

The project began after Garcia read an article in Filmfax magazine about the "lost" novelization. He wondered why it had been so difficult to publish. He then had a marvelous dinner with Bob Eggleton and Marianne Partridge, where Eggleton said that he would jump at the chance to do a new cover. They sent up a tentative deal. Afterward, Garcia contacted Phil Harbottle, the executor of the Fearn estate, and within twenty-four hours Harbottle sent an electronic file of the book, as well as a terrific afterword on Fearn. With his years of working on licensed products at Mayfair Games to inform him, Garcia began to talk to Universal.

DreamHaven Books was soon on board, and upon the suggestion by publisher Greg Ketter, Garcia contacted David J. Schow for an introduction, and possibly some stills. Schow came up with so much more, proving essential in working on identifications and Creature contacts. More and more things began to fall into place.

The book became a journey that had Garcia bring together material from Florida, England and California, As a result, Creature From The Black Lagoon became something more than just a standard reprint edition. Now available from DreamHaven Books.


In 2010, Garcia edited and designed Harlequins, the Souvenir Book for MadCon 2010, (reputedly Harlan Ellison®'s last convention). The project also included a separate hardcover celebrating Ellison's career: Unrepentant, which contained the first half of Harlequins. Unrepentant featured

  • An illustrated bibliography of Ellison's fiction
  • An article on his history in television
  • An appreciation by Mike Richardson
  • The first hardcover printing of Ellison's Nebula Award-winning short story: "How Interesting: A Tiny Man"and much more.

Harlequins contained all-new work by Gene Wolfe, Peter David, Allen Steele, and more.


Garcia is the editor of a few other anthologies:
Temporary Walls which he co-edited with DreamHaven Books' Greg Ketter (mentioned favorably in that years YBFH).
Chilled to the Bone, a horror anthology, in connection with Mayfair Games CHILL RPG. It sold about five thousand copies.
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